At the heart of the evolution of the Digital, Web and Multimedia Design major


Cait Kemp

Technology is used daily in all aspects of life and can deliver some truly amazing experiences. Springfield College is home to many students who are learning to use technology and design to create these real-world experiences. These students can do so through the Digital, Web and Multimedia Design major.

The Major himself looks intimidating with his long title. Put simply, students studying this major study different aspects of technology and design, from coding to graphic design and website building. Students can take many different paths and they can discover their interests through the courses offered.

“We’re focused at this point on offering a lot of courses that you might want to take before making a decision,” said Ruth West, director of digital, web and media design. Some of these initial courses include topics such as web design, learning design elements, and 2D and 3D animation.

“There are a lot of different programs that you can use that use different skill sets…it’s evolving,” said Colin Wright, a senior at the major.

West said of the students’ abilities, “They’re a very select group of people, so they can get their professional educations quite easily, in fact, I’m usually asked for them.” Students in the major are known for working in the IT office and with media communications, using the skills they learn in the classroom and applying them to on-campus jobs.

“After they take some basic things…they can go on and take more things,” West said. “We have a sequential art course, which is basically the art of comics, we have a logo design course.”

The greatest thing about the major is that it offers such great variety. Students are truly able to focus on what they love to do and learn skills that will help them turn their passions into careers.

“I know people who are really into photography, so they focus a lot on photo editing…I know other people who got into video game design, designing things for games. .. there’s 3D printing which is kind of cool, there’s a couple courses in there,” Wright said. “There’s definitely a lot of options you have.”

Originally a concentration called Computer Graphics, the major has grown significantly over the years of its existence at Springfield College.

“The infographics area started in a closet with three computers,” West said.

In 1999 he began to involve more web aspects in studies and students were able to do a semester in Los Angeles at Gnomon, which did a lot of 3D animation for major studios.

Fast forward to today, and students must complete a nine-credit internship, usually during their senior spring semester.

Wright said he will complete his next semester, but students have the option of doing so early or spreading credits over multiple semesters.

Digital, Web, and Multimedia Design is a unique specialization at Springfield College. Involving aspects of film, social media, graphic design, animation, etc., it has a lot to offer students, including the amazing internships that students have the opportunity to get. Technology is constantly changing and these students will be ahead of the game, gearing up and preparing for the huge market.

Photo: Ruth West


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