How to save on childcare?

Shared custody to save money Shared home-based care is the care of a young person at the same time as another family. This solution is much less expensive than the nursery or the maternal assistant, since the costs are shared. The two families decide together in which housing will take Continue Reading

Survey of Student Finances in Quebec

The survey follows the latest events related to the student crisis and attempts to analyze the financial situation of university students. Particular attention has been paid to the financing of expenditures, indebtedness and the expected remuneration as a result of the studies.   Funding Students finance their personal expenses (food, Continue Reading

Is Housing Credit back?

After several years in which banks closed doors to credit for housing purchases, privileging only the contracts that affect the houses they owned (after the clients’ “delivery” because of the impossibility of compliance), there is a greater opening for the Housing Credit.   Banks Have Started Giving More Mortgage Housing Continue Reading

Creditors a Debtors

For a credit transaction to take two people, on the one hand, it is the debtor who borrows money but the other is the creditor who is ready to lend that money. Creditors are usually the people who have managed to accumulate more money than they need to survive, and Continue Reading