Loan despite probationary period – is that possible?

As a rule, everyone goes through a probationary period once a new job has been found. The duration of the probationary period varies between three and six months, during which time the employee and the employer get to know each other better. Basically, the employer and the employee have the opportunity to quickly terminate an employment contract during this time. has examples

Often, moving to a new job is required and this costs a lot of money. After many are currently unemployed, they do not have the necessary reserves. Nobody would like to ask the new employer for an advance if money is needed during the probationary period. The solution at this point is a loan, but many are in the belief that there is no loan despite probationary period.

What is required for a loan despite a probationary period?

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If a loan is to be taken despite a probationary period, then there is the choice between banks and banks. A decisive role is played by income and credit bureau information. If you want a loan despite a probationary period, the bank will ask for information from the credit bureau.

In the probationary period a permit is impossible if the credit bureau information is negative. A small step towards the loan is done with a positive credit bureau information. In general, a person in the probationary period is not fully creditworthy, because with a notice period of two weeks, an employment relationship to the sample can be terminated and this applies to both sides. In the worst case, a worker would then lose his job, then has no income and must additionally pay even the rates for a loan despite probationary period.

Collateral for a loan despite a probationary period

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If a guarantor can be taught then this is ideal. If the borrower gets into financial difficulties, the guarantor will pay for the repayment of the installments. Family members, friends and acquaintances can act as guarantors. The guarantor should ideally have a permanent job and have collateral.

It is also possible to specify a second borrower for the loan despite probationary period. At this point siblings, grandparents, parents, spouses and spouses can step in. The second borrower, too, must have completed the probationary period and be employed for an indefinite period. If a principal borrower becomes unemployed and can not pay his installments, the second borrower vouches for payment.

Loan during the probationary period as a credit line

Loan during the probationary period as a credit line

For a borrower to have more money at his disposal, the bank can increase the disposition for an account. The credit line is usually two monthly salaries. At this point, it should be kept in mind that interest rates can be very high. Compared to a normal loan, the interest rates are usually higher, but the credit line is also awarded during the probationary period

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