MN creatives develop media arts project to empower and help protect women from violence


In Communities that KARE, women from different artistic disciplines use their skills to draw attention to an important social issue.

MINNEAPOLIS – A group of creative women from Minneapolis and Duluth is set to release a multimedia art project that supports BIPOC women’s safety in our community.

“Do You Think You’re Protecting Me” started as a song, but in two years it turned into the start of a movement to help empower and protect women.

“We live in a culture where there’s a lack of safety, and if that’s true for me, as a white woman, and I walk around feeling that way, how true is that for black women? , for Aboriginal women? explained Emily Haavik, the author of the song.

Haavik provided startling statistics of the Justice Bureau Programs and the National Center on Violence Against Women in the Black Community:

According to these statistics, 84% of Aboriginal women have experienced violence in their lifetime.

For every black woman who reports a sexual assault, it is believed that at least 15 black women do not report it.

Haavik has teamed up with a group of women from different artistic disciplines to create a song-based musical and visual project to benefit the Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault.

Jillian Rae produced the play. “The construction and orchestral beauty of how the song turned out is pretty cool and moving,” she said. “The song itself, you’ll know when you hear it, but it’s really meaningful, I think, of course for women, but for anyone who cares.”

The message is clear: “We’re saying we’ve had enough of this. That it’s time for a change and we want to see men step in, kind of look at themselves and see where they’re contributing to the problem, and then join the fight to make this world safer for women,” Haavik said.

The video release and benefit concert will take place on Saturday, September 24 from 6 to 10 p.m. at the Cedar Cultural Center in Minneapolis.

After paying the bands, all proceeds from the release concert will go to MNCASA and their work supporting survivors.

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