Scene Peng’s multimedia design practice fosters intuitiveness and collaboration


Scene’s pragmatism is partly rooted in its first creative passion: architecture. Born in Shanghai, as a child, Scene used to pass the time by obsessively drawing houses on Microsoft Paint. With such a passion for digital structural drawings, Scene decided at an early age to become an architect. But, soon after, Scene found herself “addicted to the way architects describe their abstract concepts in lines and how each message is framed in a logical presentation,” which, in turn, “has began my awareness of the composition of different information and excitement about the potential of graphic design to shape more”. After this discovery, Scene then moved to London to study graphic design at Central Saint Martins and has since returned to Shanghai where she now lives and works.

One element of Scene’s work that really stands out for us here at It’s Nice That is his use and creation of typefaces. For the designer, typography is all about “presentation and representation,” and she often consults archival books for inspiration. For an exhibition of the surreal and somewhat unsettling paintings of Trey Abdella, Scene has taken on the position of a “voyeur” to all the events he depicts, choosing to create a sense of implicit danger. This approach resulting in a bold, dark red cinematic typeface has all the drama of a horror movie poster. When creating visuals for Chan Magazine – a newly founded magazine celebrating the UK’s Chinese-speaking community – Scene has instead adopted a much friendlier look. A post that focuses on how food has the potential to “heal,” Scene has created a rounded, endearing type that has the warm character of a freshly baked cookie.

In 2021, Scene founded In Good Company, an independent imprint creating commercial print products between Shanghai and London as “a collective attempt to portray a what-if scenario where collaborators embrace geographic separation – particularly in the context of the recent virus and more. more people than ever connecting across different time zones. After producing 15 publications and a successful debut at the Untold book fair in 2021, Scene is currently gearing up for the 2022 edition.


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